Nazi attack victim Showan’s condition improves

by Jack R

The condition of Showan Shattak, the man severely beaten during the Nazi attack in Malmo last weekend, has reportedly improved.

The Facebook group “Solidaritet med kamraterna i malmo” posted an update announcing that he had “moved his fingers and feet today” and that doctors were preparing to reduce the medication keeping him in a medically induced coma. The Facebook group has over 17,000 likes and features messages and photos of support from all around the world.

Graffitti from Berlin – photo: Solidaritet med kamraterna i Malmö.

The group has also published information from “a group of investigative journalists and activists” with the intention to counter the “inaccurate claims that the Nazis were chased before the murder attempts” being published by svenskarnas parti and the newspaper Kvällsposten.

Svenskarnas parti is spreading information and reports stating that the members of their party involved in the attack were instead chased and attacked by the feminist group including Showan. Meanwhilst, the police have apparently failed to interview any of the individuals who arrived to help those injured in the attack and – having arrived after the murder attempts already took place – are referring to the attack as a “brawl” between left-wing and right-wing groups.

The information published by the Facebook group points to the fact that the people who were stabbed were stabbed in the back as they were trying to get away, and that Showan was tackled to the ground after falling behind the group. The report also mentions witnesses who saw the Nazi attackers “position themselves outside the leftist cafe Glassfabriken, putting up stickers and looking for people [to attack]”.

Meanwhilst, another person has been arrested for involvement in the attack after “Martin”, one of the men stabbed, described him to the police. He recognised the attacker who stabbed him as he had seen him before and was wearing the same hat, bearing the symbol of Svoboda (Ukrainian far-right party), at the time of the attack.

“Martin” also criticised the police and svenskarnas parti version of events, telling Aftonbladet “We were all stabbed in the back, how do you get stabbed in the back if you yourself are attacking someone? It makes no sense”.