Six stabbed after Reclaim the Night demonstration

by Jack R

UPDATE Monday 10th – I have written a new article bringing together developments over the last 24 hours, you can find it here.

A group of feminists were attacked in Malmo last night as they returned from a Reclaim the Night demonstration that was held in celebration of International Women’s Day.

The attack took place at half past one in the morning as the group were going through the Möllan area of Malmo, a long-time working class and anti-fascist area, where it is believed the attackers were waiting for them to pass by.

The group was attacked after returning from a 200 strong demonstration. Photo: Patrick Persson

It still remains unknown how many were involved in the attack or how the attack started, but 6 people were later taken to hospital with stabbing injuries. Of those, one of them was in a critical condition until this morning but has now been reported as “stable”. The police originally arrested 3 people, 2 of those remain in custody and are being investigated for attempted murder. It is also believed that 2 of the injured were attackers, whilst the other 4 were feminists due to posts in feminist groups on Facebook describing them as “our side”.

The police spokesperson Calle Persson has been hesitant to state that the attackers were Nazis or even that it was a planned attack, yet groups involved in the demonstration have stated that the attackers were Nazis and that it was clearly a “planned attack”. Left-wing facebook group Ta tillbaka välfärden (Take back the welfare) has also published a post identifying one of the attackers as Andreas Karlsson, a known member of the Nazi political party svenskarnas parti (The Swede’s party). The post includes a recent photo showing Karlsson in Ukraine, suggesting that he travelled there in order to support the Ukrainian far-right in the recent political turmoil.

This attack comes less than 3 months after the Nazi organisation svenska motståndsrörelsen attacked an anti-fascist demonstration in Stockholm, leaving several people seriously injured and resulting in ongoing attempted murder investigations.

“Demonstrations against Nazi-violence” are due to be held in several cities later today, including Malmo, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Left-wing site Motkraft has a list of planned demonstrations here and adds that “This right-wing violence is serious and should be taken seriously. We stand in solidarity and continue the fight”.

UPDATE: Expressen reports here that police have confirmed that at least two of the attackers are known Nazis. Two of them have also been previously fined for carrying weapons, a baton and a knife, in public.