Swedish far-right planning to travel to Ukraine

by Jack R

A group calling itself svenska ukrainafrivilliga (Swedish Ukraine Volunteers) has posted an announcement to a far-right website asking for Swedish nationalists to travel to Ukraine and support the right wing organisations Svoboda and Pravyi Sektor (Right Sector).

The announcement was posted earlier this week to Swedish far-right website Motgift (Antidote) and urges far-right Swedes to “be a part of this historic event” and show their unity with “white, European nationalists”. Other articles on the website analyse the events in the Ukraine and praise Svoboda’s call to ban communism.

The call-out ends with the infamous “14 words” Nazi slogan before the website itself clarifies that the aim isn’t to recruit people for “any military or police force”, but instead to recruit “civilian aid workers”.

Today another article was posted to the website to provide more information on the group. The article restates that they “do not organise any paramilitary force”, but also states that they will “make use of the right to self-defence” if violence were to break out and recommends that volunteers “improve [their] physical fitness”. It is still unclear which organisations or individuals are behind the call-out or are likely to respond to it.

Concern over far right activities in Ukraine has grown considerably since it emerged that Nazi elements were heavily involved in the protests in Ukraine. In recent days it has been thought that members of both Svoboda and Pravyi Sektor have been behind attacks on synagogues and Soviet statues in Kiev. 


Links to the original announcement and the follow-up post.