Swedish job agency invites 61,000 to the same meeting

by Jack R

The Swedish employment agency has caused “chaos” in Stockholm today after accidentally inviting 61,000 people to the same meeting.

The Arbetsförmedlingen office in central Stockholm had apparently intended to invite just 1000 people to a “recruitment fair”, where attendees would “have the opportunity to meet with 10 companies looking for staff”. Instead tens of thousands of people gathered in the streets outside after they were all emailed invitations, resulting in the police sending 8 units to manage the crowds.

Many of those who gathered outside Arbetsförmedlingen expressed their anger at having travelled long distances in order to attend the meeting. Johannes Jameel told Aftonbladet that “Many have left children or school to come here. It is just ten businesses here and they send 60,000 people”.

Unemployment remains a large problem in Sweden, with 8.5% of the registered workforce currently unemployed.